For Wi-Fi devices with a firmware version higher than 2.3, direct control via a local network is available. Information is exchanged through POST requests at http://dev_ip/api.cgi, where dev_ip is the ip address of the device on the local network. To detect new devices on the local network broadcast packets is used. Data is presented in JSON format.


The ability to control device via local network without authentification by default blocked for security reasons.

In firmware version 2.3 and higher the following JSON keys are available:

sn - the serial number of the device, required when transferring new data into device.

cmd - send command to receive data from the device (parameters, schedule, telemetry)

par - change device parameters

tt - transfer new schedule

In firmware version 2.4 added:

time, auth - authentication


It is impossible to transfer the schedule and parameters in one request, as well as several days of the schedule.


The device has a page http://dev_ip/api.html, where you can check requests and test the exchange protocol.