Starting from firmware version 2.4 there’s a possibility to collect telemetry and manage some parameters via MQTT protocol. MQTT server connection settings are available only via the device web-interface, which is available at its local IP address:

Host/Port - IP address and port of the MQTT server

User/Password - username and password to connect

Keep alive - the maximum allowed period of time without data exchange

QoS - quality of service level

Publish prefix - publication prefix for sending telemetry

Subscribe path - name of the way to subscribe to commands

Client ID - device name


If no authorization is configured on the MQTT server, the User/Password fields are ignored.

In software version 2.5 data are published every minute in the following topics:

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/floorTemp - floor temperature sensor readings (temetry «t.1») in °C as «xx.x» (models with floor temperature sensor).

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/airTemp - air temperature sensor readings (temetry «t.2») in °C as «xx.x» (models with air temperature sensor).

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/protTemp - readings of the internal overheat sensor (temetry «t.0») in °C as «xx.x».

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/setTemp - setpoint temperature (temetry «t.5») in °C as «xx.x».

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/powerOff - device is turned off (temetry «f.16») by string «0» - on, «1» - off.

Publish prefix/Client ID/get/load - load status (temetry «f.0») by string «0» - off, «1» - on.

The following control topics are available in software version 2.5:

Subscribe path/Client ID/set/setTemp - setpoint temperature, similar to setTemperature parameter.

Subscribe path/Client ID/set/bright - display brightness, similar to brightness parameter.

Subscribe path/Client ID/set/powerOff - device shutdown, similar to powerOff parameter.

Subscribe path/Client ID/set/mode - selection of the operation mode, similar to mode parameter.