Possibility of device control with enabled LAn locking (Parameter 114 androidBlock = 1; bLc = Lan) is implemented in software version 2.4.


If both locks are tuned on (androidBlock = 1, cloudBlock = 1; bLc = on) device is locked for any control by network. Only buttons can change device parameters.

TOTP protocol is used for source authentication when sending commands to the device (rfc4226, rfc6238, Interval = 30second, Digit = 9). For this purpose it is necessary to add two fields in front of the data fields:

time - time in seconds from 01.01.2000 00:00

auth - calculated token.

 "par":[[125,7,"0"], [23,2,"1"], [114,7,"1"]]

The key for token generation can be obtained through Server API.

If you don’t need to use authentication, or if you are using software version 2.3, you must disable LAn locking (androidBlock = 0).

You can view the lock status as m.3 key in the telemetry or androidBlock parameter in the parameters or in the menu item bLc.

The blocking is disabled through the device menu - the bLc parameter must be changed to oFF.


  • 2-button devices you need to hold the menu button to the inscription bLc, then release and select oFF

  • Press shortly middle button for 3 or more buttons devices as many times as inscription bLc is appered, then change the selection buttons to oFF